Tuesday evening there are 3 options:

5km: This is an easy pace 4-6km trail run suitable for beginners and returning runners and anyone who wants an easy run. The run will be off-road on trail and will include gentle hills.

10km: This is an 8-10km gentle pace trail run suitable for anyone. Aimed at those who can run a bit further, and a good progression from the 5km run, this run goes that bit further but remains at a pace for anyone.

Training: This is a fun and informative training session which varies each week, sometimes covering hills, speed work, running technique and more to improve your running, no matter what ability.

A ll runs meet 7.10pm Malt Disley

Headtorches essential September – March, trail shoes recommended. Session is led by a run leader.

Cost: £1 — pay in Sheepy Bank at Malt Disley

Coats etc can be left in Malt Disley to collect after the run


Disley Runners merely offers an opportunity for runners to exercise together. All participants must accept responsibility for their own safety and actions. These runs are undertaken at your own risk. Suitable shoes must be worn.

Running off-road carries risks and runners are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary skills  and equipment and are in appropriate health and fitness to run. Runners should ensure they are fully warmed up before running and that they cool down and stretch at the end of their run.

  • Hi-vis clothing and headtorches are essential for dark nights.   
  • Please listen carefully to the run leader.
  • Thursday night routes may be slippy and technical and we recommend you have experience in trail/fell running before joining us – typical routes can be seen here.


Thursday evening we meet for a sociable 10km group trail run. These runs are on muddy trails with some hills and will be technical underfoot. Routes are different every week and give a great opportunity to discover new paths in and around Disley. Pace varies to suit all but we recommend you have some experience of trail/fell running (such as a Tuesday run), especially if joining us in the winter months.

Meet 7.10pm at Malt Disley.

Trail/fell shoes essential and headtorches required September to March.  Sometimes we may drive a short distance to run other routes.

Cost: £1 – pay in the Sheepy Bank at Malt Disley

We then have a drink in Malt Disley after the run – feel free to join us. Coats can be left in Malt Disley before the run.

Please check the Facebook feed on the day to ensure the run is on at the usual time and location hasn’t changed etc.  No need to let us know if you are coming, but many do.

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